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Cerberus X1

Cerberus X1 is a gas monitoring system for flammable gases like R600, R290 and R32. It is not only a gas monitoring system but it also manages the safety supervision of charging /hazardous areas by controlling functions such as ventilation speed, power and refrigerant supply. Cerberus X1 detects flammable HC with gas monitoring sensors it can manage up to 8 gas sensors.

The system features the following devices:

  • Gas presence sensor;
  • Differential pressure sensor on ventilation line;
  • Temperature sensor to control the safety valves of the refrigerant pipeline;
  • End-course switches for correct closing of the protection fences;
  • General emergency switch;
  • The system can manage up to 2 Wind (ventilation system);
  • Option of communication with control software installed on a remote pc;

If the Cerberus X1 is connected to a gas sensor with SIL2 performance level (IEC 61508), it can guarantee the safety function by switching off the power and by increasing the ventilation speed to PLd level in accordance to EN 13489.


HC DS02 (Distribution HC valves group) is installed between the refrigerant tank and the distribution line, together with an HC transfer pump.

It is an accessory that increases safety in the working and storage areas and guarantees easy maintenance on flammable gases distribution lines.

  • Maximum working pressure: 35 bar

Wind X

Wind X has been designed to exhaust flammable gases that might be present in working or storage areas or any hazardous area where these gases are used.

The system is composed by a double speed fan with flow rate up to 6000 m3/h.

Wind is available in two versions:

  • Wind I (equipped with one single main suction fan)
  • Wind II (with one main suction fan and one as a back-up)


Vortex K is a flammable refrigerant gas evacuation system for refrigeration units, designed for the safe evacuation of any circuits charged with flammable gas before entering the repair station.

Vortex K is capable of automatically performing the evacuation and purging of flammable refrigerant, even mixed with compressor oil. It is provided with a wheeled cabinet for easy relocation everywhere in the factory. Vortex K has been developed and manufactured according to the strictest international standards regarding operator and environment protection.

Model Pumping speed Max working pressure
Vortex K Up to 18 m3/h 10 bar

Vortex K is completely integrated with the GEDA system for data acquisition and statistics, remote programming as well as external supervision of the line.


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RP4 is a transfer pump for refrigerant fluids both flammable and not flammable. Refrigerants such as CFC, HFC and HCFC (R12, R22, R502, R134a, R407, R410) and also HC (R600a,R290,R32) can be handled by the RP4.

The RP4 is composed by a twin-effect refrigerant cylinder and driven by a pneumatic cylinder; check valves are mounted in each one of the two refrigerant cylinder heads.

By adding an hydraulic accumulator with a bag-type membrane filled with nitrogen (optional), it helps leveling delivery pressure drops when the piston reaches the end of stroke. Water cooling system also optional.

Model Flow rate Max working pressure
RP4 6 l/min 35 bar


The RP5 M is a refrigerant fluids transfer pump for CFC, HFC and HCFC (clorofluorocarbon and derivative refrigerants not inflammable) such as: R12, R22, R502, R134a, R407, R410 and also flammable gas as hydrocarbons (R600a,R290).

This model has a compact design and it is designed to be used for small production lines where the pump is installed on the back of the charging.

Model Flow rate Max working pressure
RP5 2,5 l/min 29 bar


RP3 is designed for high pressure applications and it can manage also refrigerants in gas phase. Its main application is relatoe to the use of CO2 (R744,R170). The pump is equipped with air cooling system.

Model Flow rate Max working pressure
RP3 0,3 kg/min of R744 110 bar


Galileo can provide custom solutions for the control of storage areas and supply refrigerant lines but it has also developed standard solutions:

SYNC TP represents the natural solutions for automatic regulation systems of transfer pumps for hazardous and non-hazardous area.

Designed to manage single or multiple transfer pumps, SYNC TP guarantees the maximum stability of outlet pressure and maximum flow rate in variable environment conditions.

It can be connected to different models of Galileo Tp transfer pumps.

The system is completely automatic and it is composed by an electronic device with HMI with led, alarms and a pressure regulator system to control the air which is driving the transfer pumps

TAF changeover tank system provides the needed reliability to never run out of refrigerant.

The system checks the level of the storage tanks and manages the changeover when a tank is empty. The system is completely automatic and it is composed by an electronic device with HMI with led, specific optical sensor for the checking of the presence of refrigerant in liquid state on the inlet of the transfer pumps.

The model SYNC TP + TAF is also available combining  all the above mentioned features.


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Multirec provides fast refrigerant recovery and oil recycling from refrigeration systems or refrigerant cylinders. The machine is equipped with an oil-free compressor. User-friendly with a multi-language keyboard. This equipment is a flexible and cost effective solution for the recovery system of CFC, HFC, HCFC and other non-flammable gases. This machine is not suitable for HC and other flammable gases.

Model Recovery rate Max working Pressure Gas managed
Multirec 410 Up to 350 g/min 30 bar All refrigerant HFC, included R410a
Multirec Up to 1500 g/min 23 bar All refrigerant HFC with low vapour pressure (not include R410A)


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