Performance Test System

Data Acquisition Device
Software for Data Management

Captor K

Captor K is a data logger of field signals and integrated with RecData TJ software manages the functional test of cooling units. It can be configured completely wired, wired and wireless or only wireless (Wi-Fi), therefore, it is easy to install in fixed stations or carousels. The compact design guarantees an easy installation on any production lines.

The new electronic assures the most accurate measurements while providing a wider range of analog signals (temperature, current, pressure, power and etc…)


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RecData TJ

RecData TJ is a software PC that checks the performance test on cooling units and other applications. The test is carried out by collecting the temperature, current curves and other signal of the units which have been tested using the Captor K instruments. Tests can be performed at either 1ph or 3 ph units, collecting different signals and comparing them with acceptability criteria algorithms to establish if the product conforms. The RecData TJ can evaluate the performance of the test using different criteria. The system is very flexible regarding the selectable criteria. Once the data set of the performed tests is increased it allows a better redefinition of these criteria while providing a tool to shorten the functional test. The test may last from minimum 1 sec. up to max. 99 days. The minimum sampling time is 1 second.  All the performed tests are stored in a SQL format database.


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