Designed to meet your needs

Our company has designed and engineered for the refrigeration industry a vast array of products to suit the most demanding requests for any type of production or work. Our products can be divided into three main sectors:


  • Production machines:¬†necessary for all production phases
  • Test machines:¬†necessary for testing the product from the assembly to the final stage of production
  • Machines built for outside of production lines:¬†items that are used for repairing lines, labs or for the after sales


All our machines are built according to the European regulations in order to meet the highest quality standards. The products that have to work in ATEX classified areas and test safety features (i.e. electrical test) are provided with TUV certifications, an International accredited agency. All our products can be connected via Ethernet or with other types of digital signals, and they can be integrated with our data acquisition system GEDA. With the data acquired and stored in our machines, the software can control all the phases of the production process and providing all types of analysis. Also, GEDA performs analysis of the productivity and quality of the controlled production lines.

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