Mission & Quality Policy

Our Mission

GALILEO TP’s main goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers in an effective and efficient way by making our expertise in the refrigeration industry, at our customers’ disposal. Dedicating all of our company’s resources to the refrigeration industry is the result of more than 50 years of manufacturing commitment to serving this market. Our specialized experience allows GALILEO TP to address the needs and demands, as well as the different safety and legal requirements, that govern the industry. We are able to anticipate the industry’s production trends and provide leading edge technical and functional solutions while providing exceptional service and after-sale assistance thanks to our global presence.

Our Quality Policy

Our company is dedicated to high quality standards. In 1996, Galileo TP obtained ISO 9001 certification, becoming the first company in our field to achieve this. All our activities regarding the design, production, marketing and assistance of process equipment for the production lines of refrigeration units and our products for evacuation, for the charge of refrigerant fluids and oils, for leak tests as well as electrical and functional tests, are conceived and carried out  to ensure our customers the best possible return of investment.

Our concept of quality could be therefore summarized as follows:

  • Compliance with the law requirements and regulations in force;
  • Compliance with the requirements imposed by the contract with the customer;
  • Product compliance with the characteristics expressed in the specifications;
  • Price stability and competitiveness;

Moreover, Galileo TP has historically provided and continues to provide strategic technological training and academic purposes on important refrigeration technologies such as Vacuum and Leak Detection, contributing to the improvement of the industry know-how.

Environment & Safety

Protecting the environment and the workers’ safety is of utmost importance for Galileo TP. In the early 1980’s, Galileo TP tested the first charging machines for environmentally friendly fluids and manufactured recovery units for polluting gases. Since then, our close collaboration with environmental government agencies of several countries around the world and with the UN and its affiliated organizations have enabled Galileo to fulfill an extremely important strategic mission: to preserve the earth from environmental pollution.

By supplying production systems which allow the use of flammable gases, Galileo TP has contributed to the protection of thousands of operators while performing their functions. Galileo TP has shared its experience and expertise in these areas by providing a series of training sessions specifically focused on the safety within the work environment in compliance with the most recent European standards (ATEX II).